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Bobcat Mini Track Loader Machine Performance Feature Explanations

Compact Size


Bobcat® mini track loaders easily maneuver confined spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Improved Maneuverability


Using the ISO joystick controls on the MT85, it’s easy and comfortable to maneuver your mini track loader.  The MT85 also has increased travel speeds to help you complete tasks faster.

Minimal Ground Disturbance

  • Bobcat® Mini Track Loaders allow you to travel over established surfaces without worrying about damages, repair time and costs.
  • Bobcat® Mini Track Loaders float across wet and muddy ground conditions.

Performance Advantages


Bobcat® mini track loaders deliver big machine performance in a personal package. These loaders combine the attachment versatility of its larger sibling Bobcat compact track loaders with the convenience of walk-behind and ride-on style loaders.

Built around a Tier 4 diesel engine, each model can easily improve laborers’ productivity, and limit the use of wheelbarrows and shovels on many space-restricted construction or landscaping projects. The efficient hydraulic system provides fast cycle times, impressive tractive effort, strong hydraulic breakout force and excellent pushing ability.

Each model has the strength to lift and carry big loads. For a performance boost, choose the MT85 with its improved rated operating capacity and breakout force. The MT85’s improvements leads to a 14 percent increase in lift height, while the smoother ride leads to less spillage of material during transportation, allowing for faster cleanup at the end of your job.  The rugged frame, lift arms and hydrostatic drive system are designed for a long, dependable service life.

Bobcat mini track loader hydraulic power is matched to wide range of Bobcat attachments including an angle broom, auger, hydraulic breaker, landplane and soil conditioner.

Ride-On/Walk-Behind Convenience


The dedicated ride-on platform on the MT85 keeps you above the surface conditions at all times.  The optional wheeled ride-on platform for the Bobcat MT55 attaches in seconds using quick-release pin connectors.

Safety Features


Like their larger Bobcat® counterparts, mini track loaders have many of the industry’s leading safety features. Neutral Start Interlocks prevent the unit from being started while commanding travel. An attachment shutdown system engages when the operator leaves the machine. Lift arm and tilt lockout systems prevent accidental movement of the lift arms or attachments. A reverse-travel stop panel returns the driver levers to neutral when pushed in. A parking brake prevents the mini track loader from moving when not in use.

  • Lift and Tilt Function Lookouts – The function lookouts deactivate the lift and tilt functions when the engine is off. A manual lift arm by-pass control allows the lift arms to be lowered when the engine off.
  • Operator Platform (MT85 Only) – The dedicated ride-on platform on the MT85 helps protect you along buildings and in other tight spaces. The ride-on platform moves for  operator comfort but has travel stops for the unwanted motion.
  • Reverse-Travel Stop Panel (MT55 Only) – Push the panel, which is located on the back of the MT55, and the drive control will return to neutral, stopping the machine and preventing it from moving backward.
  • Neutral Start Interlocks – The engine will not start if the drive/steering control, lift arm control or the auxiliary hydraulic control lever are engaged.
  • Lift-Arm Supports – Prevent the lift arms from being lowered accidentally when servicing the loader with the lift arms raised.

Simple Operation

  • Using the ISO joystick controls on the Bobcat® MT85 mini track loader, it’s easy and comfortable to maneuver your machine.
  • You can operate Bobcat® MT55 mini track loaders with only one hand for travel speed and direction.
  • Bobcat® MT55 mini track loaders are designed for comfortable, efficient operation.