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Bobcat Telehandler Machine Comfort Feature Explanations

Bobcat VersaHandlers are comfortable machines to sit in and operate. Telehandler comfort features include an excellent seat, well designed cab, operator friendly controls, enclosed cab, heat and air conditioning, great visibility from the cab and a smart handling system for precise boom adjustment. Additional telehandler comfort features make this a machine you can easily operate for the entire work day. Reach forklifts are often thought of as very task oriented machines – they lift things high in the air – and comfort is rarely talked about. But telehandler operators are often in the machine for extended stretches and comfort is real issue. Nobody offers more Telehandler comfort features than Bobcat.

Boom Cushioning


Boom cushioning makes it easier to confidently handle your load, allowing for smoother motion as the attachment angles to its minimum or maximum pitch, or when the boom reaches full retraction.  Boom cushioning works by slowing down the force of the boom when it’s close to minimum and maximum angles and before it reaches the boom stops. It engages automatically and doesn’t require any operator input.

Operator-Friendly Controls


An industry-leading joystick sets the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier apart from other telehandlers. It allows you to control several functions, including travel direction, lift and tilt functions, boom extension and auxiliary hydraulics. All of these functions put more control in your hands.

  • Joystick Control – You won’t see another joystick like this in any other telehandler. In addition to controlling the boom height and extension, you can use it to control several other functions. The travel direction switch allows you to switch between forward, reverse and neutral gears. The carriage tilt function allows you to tilt the Bob-tach® interface. After hitting a button on the control panel, you can use the plus and minus buttons on the joystick to adjust the hydraulic flow.  Having access to all those functions in one full-featured joystick allows you to stay focused on the job and streamline your operation. For instance, you can unload pallets without lifting your hand off the controls to adjust the travel direction boom height,or the carriage tilt. Put simply, it helps you finish projects faster by eliminating hassle.
  • Brake Pedal – The brake pedal controls travel speed at any rpm. Using the first half of the stroke on the brake pedal allows you to maintain full engine rpm while hydrostatically slowing down the machine. This is beneficial if you want to reduce travel speed, but still need to maintain full hydraulic flow for using an attachment. Depressing the pedal further then applies the machine brakes. Due to the hydrostatic transmission, as soon as pressure is let off the accelerator pedal, the VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier will decelerate and stop. This differs from a telehandler with a torque converter-style transmission, where the machine coasts before coming to a complete stop. It’s beneficial when traveling on slopes, as you can inch your way up and down a slope very easily without applying the brake.

Premium Comfort


When you face many hours every day in the machine, you need to be sure you’ll still feel good when you climb out at the end of the day. VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carriers have a roomy, fully enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning as a standard feature so you can work in comfort all year long. Additionally, the cloth suspension seat minimizes vibrations, giving you a smooth ride on rough worksites.

A low step height makes entering the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier effortless. Inside the cab, comforts extend to the operator station, which offers plenty of leg space, lots of headroom, and tilt steering.  The cloth suspension seat minimizes vibration inside, giving you a smooth ride. Heat and air conditioning provide comfort year-round. The rear and side windows open for fresh air and easier communication with your crew. Other features include a dome light, radio option, 12-volt power supply and a cup holder.

  • Opening Windows – The rear and side windows open for fresh air and easier communication with your crew.
  • Heat and Air Conditioning – Enjoy year-round comfort with heat and air conditioning.

Remarkable Visibility


Remarkable visibility starts with a side-mounted engine and a low-mount boom. The side-mounted engine gives you better visibility to the side and rear of the machine while the two-section, low profile boom gives you a true 360-degree view from the operator’s seat. Multiple mirrors on the operator’s left and right assist you when working in confined areas. For even more visibility, add the optional rear mirror kit or the work light kit.

Smart Handling System


With the smart handling system, you can easily adjust the speed of the boom movements for better precision and productivity. When you need high engine power and precise boom motions, this option will give you the confidence and control you’re looking for.

Easily adjust the speed of the boom movements (lift, tilt, telescope) with controls on the joystick.