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Bobcat Telehandler Performance Features

Bobcat Telehandler Performance Features is a long list. An enclosed cab with heat and A/C, and deluxe seat make sure you can work long hours comfortably. 2-Speed travel gets you around the site quickly with18.3 mph top speed. Auxillary hydraulics power a range of attachments, 2 stage low profile boom with great visibility and an easily readable boom angle indicator help you know where your load is. Additional Bobcat Telehandler Performance Features include hydrostatic transmission, three steering modes, reversing fan to clear out dust and debris, ride control and speed management for smoother operation. keyless start, and excellent instrumentation. The Eco mode gets the most out of the turbo-charged diesel engine. Bobcat Telehandler Performance Features when coupled with easy maintenance, safety features, and the range of attachments make this a great all around, four season machine.

2-Speed Travel


2-Speed travel gives you flexibility for improved work and better maneuverability. VersaHANDLER telehandlers can achieve faster travel speeds across your jobsite, reducing your travel time across job sites .

Boom Angle Indicator


This Bobcat Telehandler Performance Features allows you to quickly view the boom angle when lifting loads. The indicator’s large numbering makes it easy to accurately see the angle, even from a distance. It measures the angle from -10 to 75 degrees.

Eco Mode


Save on fuel costs with the Eco Mode feature on the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier. This feature optimizes engine performance for less fuel consumption. Easily toggle on or off using a switch inside the cab.

Hydrostatic Transmission


With controls similar to an automobile, the heavy-duty industrial hydrostatic transmission makes operation easy. It provides high wheel torque for digging and pushing. Other features of the hydrostatic transmission include 2-Speed ranges with shift-on-the-fly, speed management, and dynamic braking.

  • Speed Management – Speed management allows you to adjust your travel speed independently from the engine speed. Use your accelerator pedal to set the engine speed to the optimal setting for the attachment that you’re operating, then dial in your desired travel speed. It’s especially helpful when operating attachments that perform best with a slow and consistent travel speed.
  • Shift-On-The-Fly – A simple mode switch in the blinker controls the high and low 2-Speed ranges. This allows you to smoothly shift on the fly between low and high range. Low range is best for applications that need higher wheel torque, such as loading a truck or pushing. High range is ideal for traveling around jobsites.
  • Dynamic Braking System – Dynamic braking gives you maximum control on slopes where you can easily inch your way up or down without applying the brake. The machine will decelerate and stop as soon as you let your foot off the accelerator pedal — unlike a torque converter-style transmission that coasts before coming to a complete stop.
  • Brake Pedal – Brake pedal controls travel speed at any rpm. Using the first half of the stroke on the brake pedal allows you to maintain full engine rpm while hydrostatically slowing down the machine. This is beneficial if you want to reduce travel speed, but still need to maintain full hydraulic flow while using an attachment. Pressing the pedal further applies the machine brakes. Due to the hydrostatic transmission, the VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier will decelerate and stop as soon as you remove pressure from the accelerator pedal



Easy-to-read instrumentation panel on the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier gives you an edge in equipment operation. The backlit display panel monitors major functions, letting you know exactly how the machine is performing. The panel also features intuitive attachment controls, operation lights, warnings and an hour meter for quick service checks.

  • Keyless Start – Keys are no longer necessary with the optional keyless start on VersaHANDLER. The simple option ensures no time is lost on your worksite if someone forgets the keys in the shop. Start your machine by entering a set code number and pressing the start button. Keyless start also protects against theft or unauthorized use. You can easily changed the code using the master code supplied with the kit. It’s especially useful for rental machines, because you can change the code for each customer.

Reversing Fan


Bobcat Telehandler Performance Features can really save you money and wear and tear with the reversible fan as a great example. Excellent for dusty and light-material applications, the optional reversible fan gives you the ability to keep the radiator area cleaner for longer. In either auto or purge mode, the system will reverse and purge the system of dust and debris. This extends productivity and uptime, and reduces the immediate need to clean debris by hand.

Ride Control


Ride control reduces material spillage, allowing operators to travel at faster speeds for increased productivity. Thanks to its dampening effect, the feature also increases comfort by offering a smoother ride when traveling across uneven terrain.

Activating the ride control option is easy and intuitive. Just push the button on the joystick and pull back at the same time.

Speed Management


With speed management, you can adjust your travel speed independently from your engine speed. Set your engine speed to the optimal setting for the attachment that you’re operating, then dial in your desired travel speed. It’s especially helpful when operating attachments that require a slow and consistent travel speed while maintaining high engine speeds, such as a flail cutter, snowblower, soil conditioner or angle broom. Use speed management to control the maximum travel speed at any given pedal position.

Three Steering Modes


No other machine in its class can offer more maneuverability than the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier. Auto-steering alignment provides assistance when adjusting the wheels, eliminating the hassle of aligning the front and rear wheels separately. Three steering modes, including all-wheel, crab and front-wheel steer, further extend maneuverability while working in cramped quarters.

The VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier easily outmaneuvers traditional wheel loaders and tractor loaders with three, easily changeable steering modes. Select a steering mode by using the convenient rocker switch, which is within easy reaching distance. Whatever mode you choose, the auto-steering alignment provides assistance when adjusting the wheels. It eliminates the hassle of aligning the front and rear wheels separately.

The three modes are:

  • All-wheel steer – provides the best job site maneuverability. Use the all-wheel steer mode to make quick, tight turns you can’t achieve in an articulated loader.
  • Crab steer – allows the machine to maintain a straight centerline when positioning a load or hooking up to an attachment. Use it for side-to-side positioning in tight workspaces.
  • Front-wheel steer – mode is best for high-speed road travel or when pulling a trailer. The front-wheel steer mode permits high-speed road travel at 18.3 mph, often eliminating the need to haul this machine on a trailer from jobsite to jobsite.

Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine


A turbo-charged, liquid-cooled Bobcat engine packs a powerful punch for just about any job. It’s side-mounted for better visibility and easier maintenance access. Both the sides and the bottom of the engine are protected with a thick steel frame, while rubber-engine mounts reduce shock during all-terrain use. It also meets air emission requirements without requiring a diesel particulate filter, and in turn, reduces servicing downtime. The built-in cyclonic air prefilter with automatic dust evacuation helps maximize uptime by cutting down filter clogging to ensure efficient engine cooling in dusty environments.

Two-Stage, Low-Profile Boom


Bobcat Telehandler Performance Features include the two-stage boom. The versatility of the two-stage, low-profile boom is endless. Reach into the highest trucks or over fences, stockpile and stack materials, or backfill hard-to-reach areas. In addition to providing excellent reach at maximum lift height, the boom’s rear pivot position also gives you superior digging ability.

The low-profile, extendable boom gives you the power to access a wide range of lift heights and reach lengths. Another key advantage of a VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier is the low profile of the boom and rear pivot point. The boom position provides excellent visibility to the operator’s right side. The low, boom pivot point in the rear helps make it a powerful machine when pushing. As the machine pushes, more of the weight stands on the front axle.

The light, rigid frame and long wheelbase provide for good lifting abilities to load materials into trucks or feed into a mixer. You’ll get better breakout force and dump angles by maintaining the level of the attachment through the lift cycle because of the inverted tilt cylinder allows for optimal bucket breakout force and cylinder protection.

You have a true 360-degree view from the operator’s seat. The reinforced elbow area protects the tilt cylinder, and hoses and tube lines stay protected inside the boom. Get superior digging ability and excellent reach thanks to the boom’s rear pivot position. Nylon wear pads, on the inside corners of the extendable boom, are easily adjustable. The wear pads require minimal servicing and greasing. They allow for better guidance and reduce free play of the boom.