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Bobcat Telehandler Machine Uptime Feature Explanations

Automatic Parking Brake


When you release the accelerator pedal when the engine is idling, the parking brake automatically engages. To disengage, press the button on the instrumentation panel.

Battery Disconnect


The battery disconnects automatically when the ignition key is switched off.

Block Heater


Ramp up your winter productivity with the block heater option for the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier.

Engine Protection


A protected engine on the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier starts with a thick steel frame that covers both sides and the bottom of the engine. Rubber engine mounts reduce shock on difficult terrain. A liquid cooling system that features enhanced airflow also protects from overheating.

Uptime is a requirement with a machine as versatile as the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier. That’s why uptime protection starts with a double-element air cleaner system. The engine cover screen – the intake for the radiator – helps prevent debris from entering the engine compartment  and plugging the radiator. The optional reversible fan makes the debris removal even easier.

The side-by-side mounted radiator, oil cooler, and fan allow easy access, which helps with cleaning out dirt and debris. Standard glow plugs and an optional block heater make cold starts easier.

Premium Cooling


Bobcat telehandlers are equipped with a next-generation cooling package that allows the machine to run at optimal temperature in all working conditions. Engine and hydraulic oil temperature is kept consistent by the top-mounted cooler, which takes in air from the top of the machine and provides efficient cooling performance.

Components of the cooling system, including the radiator, oil cooler and intake air coolers are mounted side by side, carefully located to receive the same quality and temperature of air. This design provides efficient, consistent cooling ability, even in the most severe and dirty conditions.

Window Guards


Designed to protect you and your investment in the toughest conditions, the optional front and top window guards protects your machine from falling and flying debris.

Worksite Safety


The VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier is fully ROPS/FOPS approved to enhance operator safety. It also includes a backup alarm, front and rear working lights, fenders, a beacon, turn signals and an optional fire extinguisher.

Bobcat Operator Training Kits and Safety Resources

Bobcat Company offers a variety of training and safety resources for owners, renters and operators. The options vary by machine or attachment, but they may include:

  • Safety Videos (Buy DVD or watch online now!)
  • Operator Training Courses
  • Service Safety Training Courses
  • Rent-It Safely Brochures
  • Rental Condition & Delivery Reports

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