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Bobcat Utility Vehicle Machine Comfort Feature Explanations

Comfortable Cab


From the moment you step into a Bobcat® UTV, you’ll find unexpected comfort everywhere you look. Standard features like rear-hinged doors, tilt and power steering, seat belts, and two 12-volt plugins bring the usual comforts of an automobile to a utility vehicle. Further extend your comfort with optional features like heat, air conditioning and a radio system.

Who said work needed to feel like it? Step inside the cab of any Bobcat® utility vehicle, and you’ll see comfort features everywhere you look.

Everything starts with a low entry point and rear-hinged doors, which make entry and exit easy. With tilt steering, you can adjust the steering wheel position for optimal legroom. Fasten the three-point, spring-loaded seatbelts for safer operation.

Experience the power of your machine without hearing the roar of its engine thanks to an improved muffler and engine layout. Power steering provides remarkably responsive handling while you’re transporting heavy loads.

With multiple seating options, you can transport passengers around your property or jobsite, no matter your crew size. Depending on your model and configuration, you can accommodate two (3650), three (3400, 3600), or six people (3400XL).

Add the optional heat and air conditioning with eight air vents to the 3600 or 3650 utility vehicles to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A windshield washer and wipers keep your windshield free of dirt and debris in any season.

Keep easily misplaced items like gloves or small tools in the storage areas below the dash or in the glove compartment or under the seat. Two cup holders are also conveniently placed for easy access to beverages. Charge your cell phone with one of the two 12-volt plug-ins.

Dash Display


With just a glace, you’ll get all the operation information you need. An intuitively designed dash puts key operation information right in front of you. The advanced digital display shows speed, machine hours, service codes and engine rpm. Indicator lights let you see quickly if the parking brake is engaged or if the vehicle is in high, low, neutral or park.

Intuitively placed indicator lights and an advanced digital display give you a full view of your UTV’s operation information. With just a glance, you’ll get all of the information you need, including:

  • Analog Display
    • Speedometer (mph or kph)
  • Digital Display
    • Engine Temp
    • Engine RPM
    • Voltage
    • Trip
    • Hour Meter
    • Tachometer
    • Fuel Level
    • Clock
    • Drive Mode
    • Odometer Service Reminder
    • Gear Position
  • Indicator Lights
    • Seat Belt Reminder
    • High Beam On
    • Engine Oil Pressure Low (Diesel)
    • Engine Temp High
    • Service Power Steering
    • Service Engine

Heat and Air-Conditioning


No matter the season, you will stay comfortable inside the optional factory-installed cab equipped with heat and air conditioning on 3600 and 3650 models. Other models can be fitted with dealer-installed heat. Eight air vents provide continuous air movement around the cab. An optional dash defrost kit clears iced-over windows even faster.

Modular Cab System


No matter what kind of weather you find yourself surrounded by, you’ll be prepared with the modular cab. It’s an exclusive cab system that gives you the power to pick the best configuration for your working conditions. Just choose the components you need and leave off the rest. The possibilities for configuration are endless.

Weather is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come prepared. With the modular cab, you’ll be ready for anything – no matter the season.

  • Scorching sun? Put on the canvas top.
  • Unpredictable rain showers? Add the plastic canopy.
  • Harsh wind? Attach the windshield.
  • Frigid snowstorm? Use the entire cab with doors, windows and roof for maximum protection.

It’s simply the best way to be prepared for any kind of season or weather, no matter what kind work you have at hand. You can select and assemble only the components you need and leave off the rest. With hundreds of possible configurations, the possibilities are endless. And many components can be easily installed in 15 minutes or less.

Cab Components:

  • Roof
    • Canvas
    • Sport
    • Steel
    • Premium (sport roof with headliner)
  • Windshield 
    • Half
    • Poly
    • Glass
  • Rear Panel 
    • Canvas
    • Poly
    • Glass
    • Sliding Glass
  • Doors
    • Half Doors
    • Canvas Doors
    • Premium Plastic (with interior liner)

Operator-Friendly Controls


From the moment you step into a Bobcat® UTV, you’ll find uncomplicated controls that placed exactly where you expect them. Standard features like power steering make operating utility vehicles similar to an automobile. Other controls are ergonomically-shaped and fit your hands naturally.

Controls should be simple and easy to use. You’ll see that principle again and again in our utility vehicle design. When you step into a Bobcat® UTV, you’ll find a familiar environment and controls that give you confidence to do the job.

Everything starts with ergonomically shaped controls. Gear selection lever and travel controls are placed within easy reach.

Easily maneuver your utility vehicle in a wide range of conditions with standard power steering. It provides remarkably responsive handling while you’re transporting heavy loads. You’ll also enjoy a 7 ft. turning radius on most models.

Hydrostatic-driven models feature a travel control pedal. Move forward or reverse simply by pressing your toe or heel on the travel control pedal. Change directions quickly and comfortably when doing tasks with repetitive forward and reverse movements. Under high load applications, the clutch-free hydrostatic design delivers steady torque to the wheels for better pulling power.

A separate engine speed throttle on some models gives you greater control of the travel speed and provides enough engine power to do the job quickly with an attachment. Working with attachments typically requires a lot of back and forth movement. There’s nothing better for attachment work than a hydrostatic transmission and travel control pedal. Just move your foot to go forward or reverse.

All models feature adjustable low and high beam headlights for better visibility in low-light conditions.